Learn Blues Guitar


To learn blues guitar for many learners is to learn chords guitar and learn songs guitar.

Then when they get some chords and songs down, the hunt starts for the best guitar lessons.

Learn the blues.  Learn to play. Learn the secrets!

Other learners take the technical route and learn scales guitar.  All kinds of blues scales.


Then they wander back to blues harmony and blues standards. 

So when you're beginning blues guitar, what do you do?

Well, you might be surprised where the beginning actually is.  And how you can play a lot of blues with only three notes and three chords.

Basic blues guitar may even be more basic than you suspect.

What? Even more basic than bending, pulling-off, hammering, glissing?

Yep! It might even be as basic as playing chords and lead in one bar call and reply patterns.

Can you get much more basic than chords calling and licks replying?

Speaking of blues guitar licks, you will learn a way of looking at licks that is currently not discussed anywhere else.

You will learn how to use only three notes and seven rhythm attacks to create lots of licks.

This gives you a way of combining authenticity and originality in one go!  

Now you have a solution to the age old bluesman dilemma: How to respect "the cats" and be "my own man" at the same time? 

You'll learn how the Chicago bluesmen and women resolved this tension when you read about the Chicago blues. 

There you have it.

All these different ways to learn how to learn blues guitar. 




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