Guitar Licks


Guitar Licks are melody conventions for any style.

Blues Guitar Licks are melodic conversations that arise out of blues scales.

More importantly however, they arise out of blues rhythms.

The speech rhythms of the blues masters and blues people.

The blues arises out of Afro-American speech patterns.

Classic Blues licks use few notes: two, three or four.

So their variation doesn't come from scales. But from rhythm.



Two Note Blues Guitar Lick 

The classic Blues Guitar Beginner Blues Lick is only a Two Note Lick.

It's power comes just two notes.

And from the rhythm.

And from bending the rhythm.

This low tech, webcam video, introduces you to the classic lick, shows you how to play it, explains the four different parts of the bar where you can play it, then teaches you to play it on beat 2 if the bar.



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More importantly, it's where you can leave your questions. That I'll get onto pronto.

Next you can learn to play this little gem of blues guitar licks on beat 2 of the bar


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