Blues Guitar Lessons 



Blues guitar lessons have never been this available before.

You can get free guitar lessons from your friends. And from hundreds of websites.  Including YouTube, Metacafe, Viddler and all the other video sites.

Guitar video makes for easy guitar lessons.  And online guitar lessons are used by learners as their sole content.  

And by blues guitar teachers as extra lesson content.

Guitar lessons online means its easier for anybody of any age, gender, country to play guitar.

In this section you will discover guitar lessons about 12 bar blues guitar and the child of the blues, namely , rock guitar.

To help you jam, you will also learn where to source blues guitar jam tracks.

And now for a Blues Guitar Beginner exclusive.

Especially for you.

But first a question.

Have you ever noticed how Blues Guitar Lessons write a lot about chords, scales, riffs and licks and only mention rhythm in passing (if they do at all!)?

Why is this?

One big reason is that they do not know how to define, discuss or teach rhythm. (If they could they would, right?)

I don't know about you the one thing I noticed at all the band rehearsals I have ever attended I have never heard any musician say to another:  "Dude it's like this: 1 + 2 triplet 3 + 4ea+ 1etriplet etc etc" 

What I have heard instead is:  "Dude it's like this: yaba doodily wakawaka aaoodala etc."

In short:  I never heard anyone counting a part.  I only heard them scatting a part.

So what's a conversational way to define, discuss or teach rhythm?

The answer my friend is: scatting.

Scatting is a powerful way to learn, talk, read and write rhythm.  

Imagine being able to transcribe or rehearse or teach parts over the phone.  Scatting will let you do that.

Scat singing not only gives you a way to verbalise rhythm.  It is also gives you another blues performance tool you can use. 


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