Blues Guitar Instruction



Blues guitar instruction comes in many forms.  

The trick for you is to figure out the best way you like to learn the guitar.

Many learners don't actually know how they like to learn. (They know more about what they don't like)

For most learners this is not easy to figure out.

The trick for your guitar teachers is to figure out how best to teach you the way you like to learn.

For most guitar teachers this is not as easy as it sounds.

(They know how they like to learn but not how you do.)


Here are the most common forms of blues guitar instruction.

1. Genetic

B. B. King is your uncle, Aretha is your aunty and Robert Cray is your grandfather's, nephew's uncle's step-nieces best friend.

Main benefit: Your family eats and breathes the blues and you can't not know how to play.

2. Immersion

You immerse yourself in blues music, listening to heaps of music and watching  tons of videos and live shows.

Main benefit:  You learn the culture, values and physiology of the blues whether you are born into it or apprenticed into it..

3. Karate Kid style.  

A master teaches you move-by-move how to play.

Main benefit:  You learn the attitude and physiology of the blues from a master

4.     Peer group learning.  

Your friends pass on what they know.

Main benefit:  You are learning what your friends have socially valued and proven.

5 Social learning.

Your parents uncles, relations or neighbours pass on tips about the blues

Main benefit:  You are learning what is socially valued and proven by the older generation.

6 Educational Instruction  

You learn at high school or community school classes.

Main benefit: You are learning and performing with other musicians.

7 Private teacher:  

You have a private teacher or teachers

Main benefit:  (With a good teacher) you get step-by-step instruction,  real time feed-back and patient support

8 Music School Intensive:  

You learn at Musicians Institute or Berkelee Music School

Main benefit:  You  condense twenty years of music instruction into one year

9 On the road.  

You join a band and go on the road.

Main benefit:  You know how to work an audience, even when you don't feel like it.

10 Self-instruction.

You get your knowledge from wherever---tabs, youtube, from the street---and teach yourself.

Main benefit:  You are self reliant.

11.   Self-trainer.  

You train yourself intensively in the woodshed getting your chops up.

Main benefit:  You are a committed player.

12 Guitar Blues Beginner.

You come to  because you do not have access to any of the eleven blues guitar instruction forms above.

Main benefit.  You will learn the guitar here and experience the very first steps of blues guitar instruction. Right here.


Welcome to the site for  

the Guitar Blues Beginner


We know you can read. And can't play.

That's why we spend more time showing you how to play.  And less time making you read.

We know you can't play fast.

That's why we show you with slow tempo videos.  So you can play along. Immediately.

We know you don't have a lot of time.

That's why 80% of Beginner Guitar videos are one minute long and the rest are two minutes long on average.

We know you need to play more and think less.

That's why the Three Note Guitar Method shows you how to get started like a Ferrari with only three notes. And three chords.

We know most of Blues Guitar Beginner Methods are too advanced for Blues Guitar Beginners

That's why we recommend the free Three Note Guitar Method for Blues Guitar Beginners.

We know your guitar teacher is important to you.

That's why Beginner Guitar videos focus just on giving you the facts Jack.

And we support your teacher by providing resources that they can't.

While acknowledging that they give you what we as online teachers can't: a face-to-face relationship.  

Instant feedback. 

A pat on the back.  

Patient encouragement.  

And guidance as you progress from plateau to plateau.

We know your progress is important

That's why we give you, bite size, step-by-step, blues guitar instruction.


We know

You also want to know about: 



And a little about Texas Blues guitar heroes and unknowns.

As well as a little about a simple Blue Guitar Method for Blues Guitar Beginners.

Are you in the right place?

Or are you in the right place? 






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