Guitar Lick


A guitar lick is like a melodic quote.

A musical signature. An audio logo.

A guitar lick is distinctive and pithy.

It sums up a lot of feelings auditorily in a short time.



A Guitar Lick is like a saying

Every social group has a body of sayings that defines it.

The sayings are like points of contact and unity.

"I have a dream" is saying that suddenly pulls a continents of people together in a heartbeat.

"Ask not what your country can do for you" is another saying of comparable power.

"Keep the devil in down in the holes" is another potent saying.

But here's the thing about sayings and guitar licks

Sayings do not make up your whole conversation. 

There's a whole lot of stuff you communicate that aren't sayings at all.

They are forms of conversation.

If you just spouted sayings all day to people who just want to converse with you, you'll end up spouting to yourself.

Sayings on their own are not the same as conversation.

Same with guitar licks

A Guitar Lick is not a song or a solo

If you just play licks all day your listeners gonna think you got nothing to say.

You only spouting everybody else's ideas.

You have none of your own.

So you need to back up the gutar lick with your music imagination and creativity.

You need to back up your guitar sayings with guitar conversation.

That expands the saying. That says it another way. From another angle. With another flavour.

You don't have to write a novel. Just talk about the lick some more.

Just turn it around a bit.

If it's the classic two note blues guitar lick we talking about that could be as simple as ...


Playing the Blues Guitar Lick on Beat 3 of the bar.

In this low tech webcam you learn to play this 2 note 4 attack lick on beat three of the bar.



Your feedback would be appreciated.  If you wish to click on the video to watch it on YouTube, you can rate it, favorite it and comment on it.

More importantly, you can leave your questions. That I'll get onto pronto.

This process of displacing a guitar lick by displacing it on different beats of the bar is an effective way of turning a guitar lick into a guitar conversation.

That you, fellow musicians and listeners alike will enjoy.

Next you can learn to play this blues licks classic on beat 4 of the bar



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