Electric Guitar Licks


The original blues guitar licks were acoustic guitar licks.

Because Blues Guitar was played before electricity came to very home.


Then in the early thirties, when the bluesmen moved from the Mississippi Delta to the big cities like Chicago.

They brought their acoustic instruments with them.

But gradually (or was it suddenly?) they started discovering the electric guitar.

With the lower actions.

And the lighter strings.

And the whole new world of electric guitar licks opened up.


Second Greatest Blues Lick Of All Time


We tend to take it for granted these days. Electric guitars.

But the early blues masters played guitars that today, we would call, unplayable man!

While exceptions like Robert Johnson and Charlie Christian appear, the olden day bluesman was not a besuited urbane smoothie.

He was a laboring man. In the fields. On the roads. On the railroads. In the mines.

Using big muscles all day gave you a power touch on the fretboard.

He had the physical strength to bend high tension, high gauge strings, across the neck of that acoustic guitar.

Heck man! He was just glad to have a guitar that he could wail with! 


Five Essential Blues Licks


We not only take electric guitars for granted.

We also take take no laboring work for granted.

Heck! Even the laborers don't labor so much anymore.

They press buttons like the white collar workers.

Life is a lot less laboriuous.

Life uses the small fine muscles much more these days.

And the blues sounds more like it's played by clerks today rather than cotton pickers.


 17 Blues Licks


It was probably a good thing that the blues was founded in the Mississippi Delta in the late 1920's.

If it was founded in 2020 it would be a whole different thing.

Hey! What about 2020 technology in 1920's society? What if?


It was what it was. It is what is. It will be what it will be.

But it will always be the blues.

Powered by acoustic and electric guitar licks.

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