Blues Guitar Scales


Blues Guitar Scales can be misleading to the blues guitar beginner. 

A Blues Guitar Scale consists of an arpeggio and the "other" notes.

Learn the arpeggio first then the other notes.

I intend to write more fully about this in the future.

In the meantime I did a Youtube hunt looking for videos that teach you the arpeggio and the blues scale.

Here's a useful intro to Dominant 7th arpeggios for A7, D7 and E7.



This is a helpful video for arpeggios.

But it's more complicated than we as blues guitar beginners need right now.


So here's a webcam video that approaches the blues arpeggio from another angle.

From the angle of a classic lick.

This video is simpler.

This lick introduces three-fifths of a blues arpeggio.

This lick introduces the notes EGA out of an ACEGA arpeggio.



So this video moves you closer to the ACEGA blues arpeggio.


Before that watch out for an upcoming video that introduces you to the ACEA blues arpeggio.

This is the triad blues arpeggio.

Which you might recognise as being a twin of the minor triad arpeggio.


After that video, then watch out for the ACEGA blues 7th arpeggio video.


By learning thes arpeggios we learn---and here's the biggie---the four most important notes of the blues scale.


Then we learn the less important notes of the blues scale and how they support---or challenge---the most important notes of the blues scale.


With both these chunks in place then we can hear and play all the blues guitar scales you want.


Whenever you want.








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