Blues Guitar Licks


Blues Guitar Licks are melodic ideas that define the blues styles. 

Blues Guitar Licks consist of notes from the Blues Scale powered by Blues Rhythms.

Without the blues rhythms, notes from the blues scale notes do not become blues guitar licks.




Root and Fifth

The classic blues guitar riff uses only two notes. The root and the fifth of the scale.

The root and fifth could come from the blues scale, the pentatonic scale, the major scale or any of the minor scales.

The root and fifth make up the power chords that drive metal and rock styles.

The root and fifth are agnostic notes that can work in any of the four contexts mentioned before.

What makes these agnostic notes work here is:

  • how these notes are phrased (triplet 8ths followed by a half note),
  • where they are placed and
  • how they are articulated.

How the two notes are articulated

The two notes are E and A.

E is played with finger 3 on G string 7th fret and bent up a whole tone.

E is also played on B5 with no decoration.

A is then played on E5 with no decoration.

Then A is played with finger 3 on B8 and bent up a whole tone.

The first note E is played two different ways: straight and bent.

The second note A is played two different ways: straight and bent.


How to play the Blues Guitar Lick on Beat 2 of the bar.

In this low tech webcam you learn to play this 2 note 4 attack lick on beat two of the bar.



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Next you can learn to play this guitar lick on beat 3 of the bar



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