A Scale Blues Home Arpeggio 12th Position



Learn the A Scale Blues Home Arpeggio in 12th Position

Now you go to the 12th position and learn to play the home arpeggio - A, C, E, A.

This is not totally new to you. This is the open position fingering up an octave.

Your task is to train your ear to hear the home notes against an

  • A7 chord,
  • a D7 chord or
  • an E7 chord

as clearly as you hear your best friend's voice.

You will not expect to do this in five minutes or five hours.

You can expect your blues guitar beginner ear to take at the barest minimum, 21 consecutive 20 minute sessions over 21 days.

Then you shouldn't be surprised if you need to repeat that cycle again. Or again.

It will take you as long as it will take you.

Over good days. And struggle days.

But through the process you will realise that each chord gets you feel each scale blues home note a little differently. 

Same notes.  Different chords. Which equals different clothes.

You will be able to feel each Scale Blues Guitar note within any chord and how it resolves to home anytime.

When you play both the home arpeggio and the chords yourself, you hear both at your own rate.

Until then, you will ignore the other notes in the A Blues scale, namely: G, Eb and D.

But when you do bring in these other notes, you will know far better how to use them to tickle, tease, fight, oppose, appease and resolve to any home note.

And your listener will love being part of that conversation.



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