Guitar Blues Scales: A Blues Home Arpeggio 9th Position




In this video you earn to play the home arpeggio - A, C, E, A - in the 9th position: a different fingering for you.

Learn the fingering, the note names and the string fret for each note.

Your brain needs to know this stiff off your guitar.

Then programe the information into your fingers.

Give your ear the time to hear the home notes against an A7 chord, a D7 chord or an E7 chord as clearly as you hear your mother's voice anywhere.

Until then, ignore the other notes in the A Blues scale, namely: G, Eb and D.

Each chord gets you feel each home note a little differently. 

You need to be able to feel your blues solo within any chord and resolving to home anytime. Playing both the home arpeggio and the chords yourself, helps you hear both at your own rate.

Why are you learning the home arpeggio? So that you know exactly which are the most important notes in the A guitar blues scale. Especially to a blues guitar beginner.



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