A Blues Scales: Chordal Notes 12th Position



Learn the A Blues Scales in 12th position

You learned the home notes in A Blues Scale Guitar in 12th position in a previous video.

Your next step is to learn the chord tones within the home arpeggio.

Within the Blues Scale home arpeggio,

  • A, E, A are the chord tones against A7; 
  • A, C against D7 and
  • E against E7.

Within the blues scale,

  • A, E, G, A are the chord tones against A7; 
  • A, C, D against D7 and
  • E and D against E7.

The home chordal tones and the scale chordal tones are now two simple and powerful tools at your disposal.

The home chordal tones are your straight up and down triadic sounds.

The home chordal tones are great for just saying it like it is.

The scale chordal tones add another color: the 7th. The flat 7th. The blues 7th.

The 7ths add another layer to your statements.

Do you get the sense that learning this blues distinction: melodies with the blues 7th and without; may be important.

For the blues master.

And the blues guitar beginner.

And the blues listener.

Whose love of the blues keeps the whole cycle alive.




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