A Blues Scale Home Arpeggio 0,2,5,7,9,12 Positions



A Blues Scale Home Arpeggio in Six Positions

Now it's time to play the home arpeggio--A, C, E, A--in six different positions.

The 0,2,5,7,9,12 positions.

You have learned the home arpeggio in all these positions as separate patterns.

Now it's time to combine these into one long pattern.

And weave between them.

Now the scope of your task--to train your ear to hear the home notes against an A7 chord, a D7 chord or an E7 chord as clearly as you hear your best friend's voice--has just been multiplied sixfold.

So too have your expressive techniques: bends, hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides between positions.

You will not expect to train your ear, and programme the one long pattern into your body, in just five minutes or five hours.

You are looking at a minimum of 20 minutes a day over 21 days to get this stuff fluent, as in mistake-free. And that's just to get to a slow tempo.

You might want to allow six of these twenty one day cycles to get these home arpeggio's fluently flawless.

(If you expect to be on this planet for another twenty or more years this is a ridiculously short time investment for the blues riches that will come back to you through command of the one long home arpeggio. In any key.)

Even though the game has gotten bigger...

The essential home arpeggio things are the same.

Each chord still gets you feel each blues home note, in each position, a little differently.

You still need to be able to feel each Scale Blues Guitar note within any chord, within any position, resolving to home anytime.

When you play both the one long home arpeggio pattern and the chords yourself, you are still integrating both into your ear.

Until you are  fluent over the long A home arpeggio pattern, you will still ignore the other notes in the A Blues scale, namely: G, Eb and D.

At that point you'll know how to play them rather than them play you.



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