Guitar Lessons

 Howard Roberts

Guitar lessons with a good teacher is the fastest way to go.

No hot blues guitar teachers in your hood or city?
Can't get to fine guitar schools (MI or Berklee)?
Then you'll be looking for help from free online videos or good video lessons.

A good teacher is in the eye of the beholder.

I learnt this lesson with my son when he was taking drumming lessons at 6 years old.

The know-it-all dad decided he knew better.  So he swapped the teacher that-his-boy-liked for the teacher that-Dad-knew was good.

Result.  The boy didn't like the 'good teacher' dad chose and stopped drumming altogether.

So guitar lessons are not just about content.  They are also about liking the teacher.

I learnt this with feedback from my own beginner guitar students.  

Rarely do students give me feedback on content.

Instead they feedback about their experience of encouraging, coaching, helping, easy going, supportive, thoughtful, friendly, accepting teaching and unconditional patience during their lessons.

What a great advertisement for offline, live, face-to-face guitar teaching.

What else is this feedback saying?
Offline students want "relationship" and not information dumps from their guitar teacher.

Free online video sites provide the opposite.  

Online teachers find providing information to a viewer online is easier than providing a relationship.

As I said, guitar lessons with a good teacher is the fastest way to go.

Good guitar teachers these days provide personal lessons in their town, free online guitar tuition, watch and play guitar learning videos, DVD courses, podcast lessons as well as notated and tabbed lessons. 

Many teachers do some of these things.

Only some teachers try all these things.

Only a couple do them all well.  

Only a couple deserve the name: superteacher.

What guitar lessons does the Blues Guitar Beginner need?

If you can't hold the guitar, play a chord or a single note:

1. Jamie Andreas Guitar Principles DVD for mechanics of playing (that everyone else overlooks)
2.     Three Note Blues Course for first 3 chords, first three notes and first two rhythms

If you can play three chords and three notes

1. Jamie Andreas Guitar Principles DVD for mechanics of playing (that you weren't taught)
2.     Griff Hamlin Free Four Note Solo Course to learn four notes and several rhythms
3      BGB Four Note Guitar Course to learn how to move licks around

If you can play four chords and four notes

1. Jamie Andreas Guitar Principles DVD for mechanics of playing (nobody else teaches this stuff)
2.     Griff Hamlin Playing Through The Blues Course. Learn from a superteacher who is also running his own band as well as being a dad with a young family and guitar teacher.
Here's Griff onstage with his band, if you got a minute. 


What guitar lessons does the Blues Guitar Beginner NOT need?

When you're getting started--avoid all other lessons. 

Less is more.  Small is huge.
Simple is fast. Easy is Quick.  
When you're moving--gradually take on more lessons and teachers. 

When you're past the three stages above you know you can play convincing blues guitar.

You have things that work.  You have results for your studies.  

You know what you can play now and what you can't yet.

Now's the time to look at all the other lessons you had to avoid.

Learn as much as your teacher can show you.  

Learn as much as your busy---student, employee or entrepreneur---life permits.
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