Scatting is an important Blues Guitar tool.

Scatting is a way of verbalising, talking or saying rhythm and melody.

In composer mode, music arrangers typically scat through composing original tunes and arrangements.

Typically scatting is used by jazz and blues singers when they want to play their voice instrumentally rather than vocally.

When they scat singers feel like their voice belongs within musical instruments, rather than as an accompaniment to them.

Singers often feel that singers are not real musicians.

When they scat like Ella Fitzgerald or Frank Sinatra, that falsehood flies out the window.

Quincy James said: "When Ella scats she's a horn player.  Like all the great horn players she's ever played with.

Here's a brief clip of Ella scatting with Mel Torme. 




Two important Scatting Uses

Here are two important ways scatting can be used:

1.   As a form of musical expression

2.   As a way of learning the language of rhythm

Artists use the first way.

Blues Guitar Beginners use the second way then the first. 


Rhythm Scatting

One of the great things about scatting is the sheer indiosynchronicity of the form.

Indiosynchronicity is a flash way of saying you never remember how or what you scatted and you make it up everytime.

From an output, expression point of view this is great.

From an input, learning point of view, this is terrible.

A learner wants consistency knowing that one thing always means one thing whether you say it, write it, read it or play it.

The Scatting Blues Rhythms volumes offers such a system.

 Scatting Blues Rhythms


Now the beginner guitar player has a way of learning and verbalising the most difficult---yet the most rewarding---aspect of the blues: namely, rhythm.

Suddenly, rhythm scatting lets them make a heap of blues with three notes. 

And phrasing becomes a heap easier to feel. 
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