Blues Guitar Jam Tracks


Band Blues Guitar Jam Tracks are an essential part of online guitar lessons and blues guitar courses.

Jamming with other musicians and to backing tracks is not just for the experienced blues and slide guitar players.

It is an essential part of a Blues Guitar Beginner's learning.

This process of jamming allows you to flow in the music.  And keep playing no matter what.

Making mistakes and correcting them.  While the song still plays. 

In the spirit of all blues styles, from Delta New Orlean blues through to Stevie Ray Vaughn. And beyond. 

Practicing is the process of mentally learning instructions (whether verbally or by sheet music blues) and training your motor system to produce the instructions on demand.

Practicing is the processing of impressing the blues into your brain and motor system.

Jamming is the process of expressing the blues you have learned and practiced.


Best ways to grow Blues Guitar Playing chops

Regular playing in real-life, onstage bands is the best way to grow as a musician.

The second best thing to playing onstage is the rehearsal room.

The next best thing are blues backing tracks.

You can use them for the simple task of learning chords.  


Blues Guitar Jam Tracks Media 


First Steps Backing Tracks 

Backing Tracks can be used for step one things.

Like memorising the chords in the Blues in A.

Backing tracks can be as simple as this video:


Free Audio Backing Tracks

Online guitar teachers provide backing tracks for their students.  

Here's a Blues in A from Seattle Guitar Teacher, Rob Hampton. offer scores of free audio backing tracks compiled between 2003 - 2009.

Here's an example of a Blues in A.


Bluesblast audio backing tracks are even starring in YouTube clips..

As in this clip by budding blues guitar player with beginner gear.


Free Video Backing Tracks

The video sites offer scores of free video backing tracks.  

In all keys, tempo's and blues styles.

For acoustic and electric blues guitars. 

Here's an Early Chicago Backing Track in A



Guitar Course Backing Tracks 

Audio and video backing tracks are included in any quality, on and off line blues guitar course.

Here's an example of a Griff Hamlin slow speed, backing video for "Tore Down Rhythm" 


Backing Track Online Stores

An enormous range of blues backing tracks are available from a british company called Bluesjamtracks.

Their backing tracks come in packages with names like Essential Blues,  Contemporary Blues,  Classic Blues,  Rock Blues, Total Blues 1 and  Total Blues 2.


Backing Track Specialist

Free backing tracks by enthusiasts work great in the short term.

Online stores offer wide range of product but don't make finding what's best for you very easy.

Sometimes all you want is someone who does professional blues backing tracks. And nothing else. 

No teaching. No retailing.

Here is someone jamming with his professional blues backing track.



Here is another guy jamming with his professional blues backing track.




Now you can jam with jam tracks like these when you download Five Free Professional Blues Guitar Jam Tracks now.




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