Blues Guitar Tab

Blues Guitar Tab is the most common way beginners learn guitar songs.

Tab shows you where the notes are on the guitar.

As you can see below guitar tab consists of 6 lines that represent the six guitar strings.

They are numbered from down from 1 to 6.

(Even though in real life the guitar is up from 1 to 6. Go figure!)

The numbers on each string represents the fret of the note to play.

This is a huge help to beginners.

1 E  |--0--3--5----3--5-----------------------|
2 B  |-----------5---------8--10--------------|
3 G  |------------------9------------12--14---|
4 D  |----------------------------14----------|
5 A  |----------------------------------------|
6 E  |----------------------------------------|
Here's a one minute video on reading guitar tab.
Even though guitar tablature can be much more complex than this example, there are simple things that tab does not show you.

Tab does not show you :

1 which finger is used for which note
2. rhythm and timing (even though it can)

Tab is most valuable when you already know the rhythm (from repeated listening) and you just need to know the notes on the guitar.

On the internet, tabs are everywhere. Like oxygen.
Free Tabs 

Free tabs can be helpful. But mostly they are not. 

The best free tabs to go for are the ones that are accompanied by :
  • video
  • notation

Video demonstrations of a tab gives you the missing rhythm and fingering information.  

Video and tab together are a potent learning combination.

Free tabs accompanied by notation offer you rhythm security.

Anyone who can notate music can notate rhythm. 

I trust tabs by rhythm writers a hundred times more than the ones posted by rhythmically challenged tabsters.

Three trusted sources of video and blues guitar tab are Robert Renman, Griff Hamlyn and Dan Denley.

Think about it!  
There are millions of tabsters who don't do video.  
And millions of YouTube guitar videos makers that don't do tab.

Book Reviews 

Blues Guitar Tabs publishing has improved.  Guitar tab books now include notation and CD.

Considering the hundreds of Blues Guitar books published, it's amazing there aren't as many book reviews online.

One place where there are hundreds of Blues Guitar Books reviews is at

The Blues You Can Use book by John Ganapes has 40 reviews.

The Blues Guitar Play Along Volume 7 by Hal Leonard has 3 reviews.  
I add my recommendation for this book.
This book contains eight classic blues tracks fully notated and tabbed, a full band track minus vocals and a playalong one minus guitar track. 

But not for the absolute blues guitar beginner.

You'd think there'd be blues guitar tabs audiobooks online wouldn't you?

You know what?  They're not easy to find.

Even at  

Here's the easy way to find blues guitar tab audiobooks at in four clicks.

Amazon displays 46 blues guitar audiobooks here. 

Guitar Chords
Ever wanted to to have every cords guitar fingering at your fingertips?

Now you can.

With online interactive chord generators.

They are simple to use.  

Step 1: select the chord name.  Let's say A.
Step 2: select the chord type:.  Let's say 7.
Step 3:  hit the enter key
Step 4:  A7 chord displays on the fretboard.

Here are two examples of blues chords generators.

A cool feature of this one is that they offer beginner settings so that you can find beginner chords easy. See point 1.
cord guitar generator 

The second cool thing is the variations you are offered.  Click on a button (see point 3) and you can can have up to 10 variations of an A7.

This generator is available on many websites including

This next generator is very easy to use.  Steps 1 to 3 are noted for you on the image.
guitar cord 

A cool feature of this generator is the strum function.  Click on the strum button and your choice of chord is played for you.  Very cool.

The second cool feature of this generator is the option to view variations of the chord (inversions of a chord to be technical).

Here you see six variations of A7 displayed for you.  
cord for guitar 

This great beginner tool is a huge help to new learners.

Aren't these fretboard images easier to read than a blues guitar tab A7 like below?

1 E |--------------|
2 B |-------2------|
3 G |--------------|
4 D |-------2------|
5 A |--------------|
6 E |--------------|

Sure they are.
But you know what? 

One big advantage tab has over chord generators is this: you can write tab out on paper.

Like this blues guitar tab for the beginner.

1 E |--0--3--5---|
2 B |------------|
3 G |------------|
4 D |------------|
5 A |------------|
6 E |------------|
This will come in handy when you get to the Guitar Method article. 

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