Guitar Picking


Guitar picking technique.  How important?

To me your picking hand is the king.  

How your pick attacks the string is the key to your sound.

Yes! Your pickup is a key part of your sound.  As is your amplifier and speaker.

But your pickups can only amplify your picking technique.

If the picking is wimpy, only wimpy sound will go through the pickups.

Pick-string-guitar-wail is the essential process. 

And what is the essence of picking in the blues? 

It is how you attack the string. 

How do you attack the string in blues?

Like a blues man. Like a blues woman. 

But before we talk specifically about how to do that here are some insights into picking generally. 


Here is a survey of different players and their different picking styles.

You'll learn a lot from this brief 2 min 18 secs video.



Now here's my take on blues picking.

Part One

Alternate Picking is great for lots of style but IMHO, not for Blues Guitar. Here are two problems with alternate picking. The Blues Guitar Beginner recommends the heavy down pick technique.



Part Two

Here's how to do the heavy down pick technique. The basic approach to this technique may really surprise you. 


Part Three

Here's how to think about the heavy down pick technique. And a detailed pick action demonstration.  



Part Four

Here's how you can do the heavy down pick style. And here are two big benefits of this blues guitar picking style.  



Part Five

The style is all about the down stroke. And only some times about the upstroke. The third benefit of this style is string raking.



Here's how he lengendary Freddy King attacks the string.



Fingernails or pick? Both help to make the guitar the king of blues musical instruments.

And how you pick the string is how you feel the blues.



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