Blues Pentatonic Scale

Whether you are learning blues music or just learning guitar, you will learn the blues pentatonic scale.

And often the A Blues Pentatonic.

On guitar tablature too.

Just like the ones on this page.

And often every version of the A Pentatonic minor (the other name for this scale) is presented to the guitar beginner.

Just like on this page.

CAGED Blues Pentatonic Scales

There are six forms of the scale laid out here.

And they are laid out in the CAGED system. (More about CAGED later) 

That's a lot of information.

For your brain.

And your motor system too! 

A typical guitar lesson would lay them out like this.














Then the beginner is told go away and learn them.

This video gives you an idea of the size of that job (especially when you add in all the notes in each box position.) 





That's a lot of data! 

(Talk about being left with an elephant to eat!)

And what do most keen beginners do?

The try to eat the scale positions whole.  

First time. 

And end up with fifty sloppy moves and no accurate notes.

Does that sound like a waste to you? 


The Norm

Yet, this is the normal experience of most blues guitar beginners.

And the normal approach for guitar teachers.

Drown the student in scales!

Give them fifty notes to play two ways! Up and down.


The Problem 

The main problem with this approach is that you can't hear the melody for the scales.

Say that again!

You can't hear the melody for the scales. 

And this kills your ear! 


The Alternative

Reduce the number of notes. Increase the number of melodies.

That's the alternative. 

Do NOT play six, seven, eight, nine or ten notes in two ways.

DO play only three notes at a time.

In forty-eight different melodic ways! 

(Someone will make guitar software someday that sets this out for you, step-by-step.)


The Three Note Possibilities

Here are four A Blues Pentatonic Blues three note possibilities.

They are presented to you in the interests of complete description.

Here they are: 








So how do you master these patterns?

It starts with .....


Your First Step

Learn these three notes:


Learn how to turn three scale notes into forty three melodies with this free Blues Guitar Beginner Course.


Now you have a mental and practical experience of turning scales into melodies hooks and riffs.

And a process for doing the same with any three notes.

With any guitar or bass scale. 






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