Welcome Blues Guitar Beginner

Eric Clapton was a Blues Guitar Beginner---long before becoming a Blues Guitar God.

Are you a beginner guitar player?

Looking to begin learning and playing the blues with quality Blues Guitar Instruction?

Then, you're in the right place.

Are you a blues fan?

Looking to play blues guitar and hot blues lead guitar?

Well, we're here to help you.

With straight ahead Blues Guitar Lessons that the you can use.

Enjoying blues as a listener and a fan only requires you to know how to operate an mp3 player, a CD player or a radio.

As a beginner guitar player, being fluent in Blues Guitar Theory and Blues Guitar Scales is not your priority. Yet.

The hope of this site is that we can:


  • shorten the distance between playing blues on your mp3 player and playing on your beginner guitar
  • reduce the stress between not being able to play blues on guitar and making a decent sound on your porch or in your garage band or onstage
  • concentrate on the must-have knowledge and park the nice to have info
  • get you playing first and theorising later
  • get you to enjoy first then criticiise later
  • help you get what you want out of every practise every single time
  • help you prove to yourself that you are a blues guitarist who gets better with each practise and each jam
  • show you how to make giant steps with very small moves
  • show you how to make rapid progress with extremely slow neuro-muscular programming
  • show you how much you can efficiently learn off the guitar
  • show you how to use the law of straight lines to learn guitar blues techniques in your spare time
  • expose you to the giants of blues guitar
  • help you unleash the blues guitar player within you



We want to guide the Blues Guitar Beginner to good, takeaway blues guitar information that suits beginner interest and skill level.

And your beginner time availability.

If you only have a couple of hours a week to play blues guitar your needs are going to be different than if you had ten to fourteen hours a week.

(A really obvious factor that is constantly overlooked!) 

With so much information available sometimes its hard to decide what to go for.

That's one of the biggest benefits of having a teacher.  

Your blues guitar teacher can guide and encourage you so that you can focus on how to do rather than angst about what to do.

We're going to do our best to deliver as much of that guidance and encouragement as possible online.

(Which is not as easy to as in face-to-face contact!) 

And share resources to progress you through your Beginner Blues Guitarist stage.

The Blues is a special kind of music.  

That touches on all the other different styles.

Blues Guitar Theory and Blues Guitar Scales do overlap with general music theory.

But the blues has special kinds of rules, permissions and conventions.

Quality Blues Guitar Instruction and Blues Guitar Lessons will reveal these to you.

So that you can play authentic Blues Lead Guitar that rocks the fans.

At some stage many guitarists want to Play Blues Guitar

If you are this stage stage now, our only purpose is to help you Learn Blues Guitar.

Without fuss and fluff. 

Welcome to your Blues Guitar Beginner journey.

May you travel in the path of each Blues Guitar Giant who started, like you, as a blues guitar beginner. 





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